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5 Frame Drum Techniques


Is it obvious I’ve been playing a lot of frame drums lately?

This video isn’t particularly exciting, but it has a good explanation of some basics—which I need as much as anyone!

Cooperman frame drum demo by Matt Kilmer


Jamey Haddad


I was incredibly fortunate to spend a semester with Jamey Haddad at Berklee. These videos bring back some great memories.

The first time Jamey pulled a Hadgini out of his stuffed percussion closet, I couldn’t believe the sounds he got out of it. These videos don’t really do it justice.

I have a Hadjira. I can’t get it to sound so awesome. 🙁

Rockin’ the LP Catalog


Rockin’ the Udu


A Conversation in Udu


Udu, while a beautiful dialect, is often misunderstood.

Me and the wife, almost 3 years ago.

Arabian TechnoKore


I just stumbled on this video by Reuben Gingrich and thought it was pretty cool. Nice licks. And I like the creative video cuts.

Arto’s Bottle


I have a great love for “found objects”, or homemade/improvised musical oddities. These videos of Turkish-Armenian artist Arto Tuncboyaciyan rocking a glass bottle and a tambourine are just wickedly fun. There are several versions of this YouTube, but here are a couple I like best:

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