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Virgil Donati Band Live in Atlanta


Virgil Donati Voice of Reason Session Video


Before you get all excited about them Virgil signature Urban Boards shoes like I did, it doesn’t look like they’re available anymore…

Virgil Kicking 13/16’s ass, etc.


Virgil Donati ‘In This Life’ Mini Doc


Get the album here.

“Virgil Can’t Groove for Shit”


Said a bunch of smug, know-nothing assholes.

Virgil, why must you taunt me?


It’s that time of the week where I consider quitting drums but then pull a 180 and do a bunch of practicing instead.

And now Libor Hadrava can play “Dog Boots”…


Yeah, I think Libor can play just about anything he sets his mind to. Last week, he told me, “I’m going to play ‘Dog Boots’.” The video below shows him nailing it. In case you’re unaware, “Dog Boots” is one of Virgil Donati’s signature tunes with Planet X in which he plays inverted double strokes with his feet.

For those dying to know, Libor’s playing the Pearl Demon Drive with very light spring tension. I sat down at his kit the other day and couldn’t believe how light the tension was. How he’s doing continuous doubles like that is beyond me!

I’m actually hard at work helping Libor write his first instructional book. It’s really amazing and unique stuff. More details and the release date will be posted here when available.

Virgil Donati Head Cam


The perfect example of a video that simultaneously makes me want to lock myself in a practice room and also quit drums forever.

And the new Dream Theater drummer is…


There’s been a lot of joking about Dream Theater’s secrecy and Mangini being a foregone conclusion, but there were some serious auditions to fill Mike Portnoy’s slot in Dream Theater. Not only is it incredible to see these absolute drumming monsters auditioning like no-name newbs (and making mistakes), but the production of this three-part documentary by Roadrunner Records is truly entertaining and informative to watch. I do not envy the band having to make a decision. The grand reveal in Episode 3 is a little over-the-top, and they treat it like Portnoy died in some tragic accident, but the series is very much worth watching straight through.

The Seven

  • Mike Mangini
  • Derek Roddy
  • Thomas Lang
  • Virgil Donati
  • Marco Minneman
  • Aquiles Priester
  • Peter Wildoer

Roadrunner has disabled embedding, so here are the direct links:

Episode 1 –

Episode 2 –

Episode 3 –

Keeping It Simple


Typically, stick tricks make me roll my eyes. Not because I think they’re lame—quite the contrary, I love a good show as much as the next drum geek. No, what makes me groan is that more often than not the flashy drummer in question has obviously spent time perfecting these tricks to the detriment of drumming. The time will fall apart or the sound will be inconsistent. To me, tricks are done well when you can close your eyes and not hear the visual.

I think this video fits the bill. Yes, it’s hilarious because it’s completely out of place, but the drummer’s sound and time remain quite consistent while doing some of the craziest tricks I’ve ever seen:

And, just because, here’s some from Virgil:

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