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Tomas Haake Drum Cam


My friend: Why would you want a 20-in China?
Me: “Do Not Look Down”. I mean, see below.

Meshuggah Vanilli?


And the third and final Meshuggah video for the week, the video for “New Millennium Cyanide Christ”. Awesome and hilarious.

Tomas Haake and Dick Lovgren


Meshuggah video #2, just bass and drums. Wicked awesome:

Meshuggah: “Bleed”


Here’s the first in a trio of Meshuggah vids I have lined up for this week. This is the video for “Bleed” off their latest album ObZen. Tomas Haake’s chops are as rock-solid and clean as ever, and the endurance to play the 4:3 herta pattern with his feet throughout the song is impressive on its own.

Warning: Disturbing images and statistical density ahead→

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