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Troy Wright and Eric Moore Drum Shed


Halloween Fun with Jared @ FreeDrumLessons


JoJo Mayer philosophizes


If you want chops, you must exercise. If you want to play music, you must practice.

I do not think complexity is prohibitive to getting over to a larger audience. I think what is prohibitive is [when] you don’t counterbalance a cerebral statement with an emotional one.

Insights from Gavin Harrison


Some great concepts from Gavin Harrison on time-keeping and fills:

Rowan Atkinson’s Invisible Drum Kit


Some Friday hilarity:

Keeping It Simple


Typically, stick tricks make me roll my eyes. Not because I think they’re lame—quite the contrary, I love a good show as much as the next drum geek. No, what makes me groan is that more often than not the flashy drummer in question has obviously spent time perfecting these tricks to the detriment of drumming. The time will fall apart or the sound will be inconsistent. To me, tricks are done well when you can close your eyes and not hear the visual.

I think this video fits the bill. Yes, it’s hilarious because it’s completely out of place, but the drummer’s sound and time remain quite consistent while doing some of the craziest tricks I’ve ever seen:

And, just because, here’s some from Virgil:

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