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tUne-yArDs: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


I’m not sure where I came across the Tune-Yards a few weeks ago, but I’ve been digging the new album, Nikki Nack. I just found this clip of a live performance they did for NPR in 2011. I really like the simple and creative on-the-spot loop creation combined with the incredibly rich construction of melodies and harmonies.

Autozamm: You Don’t Know Me


Nothing groundbreaking on the drumming front here, but I’m a sucker for special effects, fight choreography, and the rock and/or roll.

This was apparently shot freeform, then manipulated with a digital video effects product called Twixtor. Cool stuff.

Marty Kane Joins DOT DOT DOT


Chicago-area drummer Marty Kane has joined the rapidly up-and-coming pop band DOT DOT DOT, who just released a new EP titled II.

I know Marty from my days at The Drum Pad, and we started Berklee the same semester. He’s an incredible player, and it’s no surprise he’s doing big things.

Congrats, Marty!

Ray Luzier


The more I see and hear Ray Luzier, the more I really dig his playing. Check out this solo for ddrum. He begins with the outro of Army of Anyone’s” Goodbye” (the album version).

If you haven’t heard the first and seemingly last Army of Anyone album, check it out:

A Studio Gig & Pop Drumming’s Unappreciated Nuances


So, I did this session of rock/pop covers a couple weekends ago at Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA. (Awesome joint, btw.) I’m not too proud to admit that I’m always a bit nervous in the studio. I’m not some cool cat like Vinnie Colaiuta or Josh Freese who breezes into a session and cuts perfect tracks with any range of feels the producer desires. …Keep Reading

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