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Living Colour: “Mind Your Own Business”


What a great old tune. The implied speed-up/slow-down is jarring but unbelievably smooth. Still on my To Be Transcribed list…

Vadrum vs V-Drums: Billie Jean (One Man Band)


Marco and Derek Roddy


Man, that Marco guy can’t play in time worth a damn 😉

It’s a little difficult to distinguish the two in the mix, but there’s some killer stuff in this Drum Channel excerpt.

Fredrik and Morgan say “Who needs 1?”


Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah and Morgan Agren play “Sol Niger Within”:

Holy crap.

This guy can’t keep time to save his life.


I jest, of course. Check out this solo by Reuben Gingrich. It’s one metric modulation after another. Awesome.

Metric Modulation 101 (Re)Posted


The first of many lessons has been reformatted for the new site. It’s a brief overview on the concepts and practice methods of metric modulations, focusing specifically on the example of a 4:3 / 3:4 polyrhythm.

Find it here: Lessons > Metric Modulation 101

Mike Mangini Clinic 04.09.10


Axiom Mangini flyerI haven’t seen Mike Mangini since I graduated Berklee in 2005, so I was very excited to see what he’s developed in the last five years. I was sure he, unlike me, had added a truckload of new tricks and concepts to his arsenal.

A big reason why Mike is often derided by YouTube baboons for not being “musical” is that his abilities are impressive on both a very technical and cerebral level. What often sounds like drums falling down stairs is actually something that is conceptually nothing short of astounding. So, I thought it was unfortunate that Mike had to issue a disclaimer before sitting down at the kit, stating that not everything he would be playing would be “musical”, comparing clinic drumming to a slam dunk contest, etc. The internet nonsense had already begun back when I was studying with him, but it was evident in Mike’s demeanor that it’s a worsening distraction that gnaws at him at least enough to now warrant a verbal disclaimer before taking the stage.

I’m of the opinion that if people can’t understand or appreciate what he’s doing, then, well… so what? The disclaimer should be “I’m about to blow your freaking mind. If you can’t understand what’s going on up here, I will explain. If you’re just going to right nanny-nanny-boo-boo things about me in 3rd-grade English on the Internet anyway, eat a turd and leave—in either order.” But then again, I’m not an internationally-known drum superstar with endorsements and fans that are legion…

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