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And the new Dream Theater drummer is…


There’s been a lot of joking about Dream Theater’s secrecy and Mangini being a foregone conclusion, but there were some serious auditions to fill Mike Portnoy’s slot in Dream Theater. Not only is it incredible to see these absolute drumming monsters auditioning like no-name newbs (and making mistakes), but the production of this three-part documentary by Roadrunner Records is truly entertaining and informative to watch. I do not envy the band having to make a decision. The grand reveal in Episode 3 is a little over-the-top, and they treat it like Portnoy died in some tragic accident, but the series is very much worth watching straight through.

The Seven

  • Mike Mangini
  • Derek Roddy
  • Thomas Lang
  • Virgil Donati
  • Marco Minneman
  • Aquiles Priester
  • Peter Wildoer

Roadrunner has disabled embedding, so here are the direct links:

Episode 1 –

Episode 2 –

Episode 3 –

Marco and Derek Roddy


Man, that Marco guy can’t play in time worth a damn 😉

It’s a little difficult to distinguish the two in the mix, but there’s some killer stuff in this Drum Channel excerpt.

Portnoy + Dimmu Borgir = WTF?


I just read this and audibly guffawed: “Mike Portnoy Bashes For Dimmu Borgir”.

Something tells me Mike’s born-again, 12-step preaching will not go over too well with the boys in Dimmu…

Mike Portnoy Dimmu Borgir

I wish I could be more excited by this, but I have reservations. I suppose it’s no more bizarre than Marco Minnemann playing with Necrophagist (2), but it seems like a cosmic dissonance to me. I have no doubt in Mike’s ability to do this gig, though I hope he’s prepared for the YouTube baboons to begin the cackling battle cries. Oh, I can foresee it so clearly: “dude portnoy sux he can on;y ply blast beet @ 210bpm”. Et cetera

Mike Mangini Clinic 04.09.10


Axiom Mangini flyerI haven’t seen Mike Mangini since I graduated Berklee in 2005, so I was very excited to see what he’s developed in the last five years. I was sure he, unlike me, had added a truckload of new tricks and concepts to his arsenal.

A big reason why Mike is often derided by YouTube baboons for not being “musical” is that his abilities are impressive on both a very technical and cerebral level. What often sounds like drums falling down stairs is actually something that is conceptually nothing short of astounding. So, I thought it was unfortunate that Mike had to issue a disclaimer before sitting down at the kit, stating that not everything he would be playing would be “musical”, comparing clinic drumming to a slam dunk contest, etc. The internet nonsense had already begun back when I was studying with him, but it was evident in Mike’s demeanor that it’s a worsening distraction that gnaws at him at least enough to now warrant a verbal disclaimer before taking the stage.

I’m of the opinion that if people can’t understand or appreciate what he’s doing, then, well… so what? The disclaimer should be “I’m about to blow your freaking mind. If you can’t understand what’s going on up here, I will explain. If you’re just going to right nanny-nanny-boo-boo things about me in 3rd-grade English on the Internet anyway, eat a turd and leave—in either order.” But then again, I’m not an internationally-known drum superstar with endorsements and fans that are legion…

Marco Madness!


Here are some great Marco Minnemann clips I just found. Awesome, inspiring stuff. It’s especially thrilling to hear him, Mike Kenneally, and Brian Beller slamming statistical density off each other.

Click here to see the vids

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