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Libor Hadrava “Eulology” Lesson


Go here for charts.


In-depth Rhythm Studies Now Available!


In-depth Rhythm StudiesA belated Happy New Year!

Yes, there have been delays, but In-depth Rhythm Studies: Advanced Metronome Functions is now available! As I mentioned previously, IDRS is Libor Hadrava’s first instructional book. I collaborated in the writing and did all the graphics, design, and layout. We’re very proud of it.

Libor recently showed the book off at NAMM 2013 and even got Virgil Donati to take a copy!

The hard copy version is available directly through Libor’s site. It’s a beautiful full-color print on heavy semi-gloss paper, and it’s spiral-bound—perfect for music stands. A digital download version will be available soon.

Click here to buy!

Libor Hadrava’s In-depth Rhythm Studies Coming Soon!


Yes, it’s been a wide gap between posts. But for good reason. I had mentioned that I’ve been collaborating with Libor Hadrava on his first instructional book. We’re putting the finishing touches on it, and it will be available direct through his site within weeks.

The book, titled In-depth Rhythm Studies: Advanced Metronome Functions, contains a set of inexhaustible exercises to strengthen both the inner clock and five-way independence. This is really challenging stuff, but it has practical application way beyond just helping you become the next look-what-I-can-do YouTube monkey!

Libor is a mad scientist and is tremendously talented. I am honored to have been a part of the writing process and to have added what meager contributions I could offer.

Check back here and Libor’s website for the official release.

And now Libor Hadrava can play “Dog Boots”…


Yeah, I think Libor can play just about anything he sets his mind to. Last week, he told me, “I’m going to play ‘Dog Boots’.” The video below shows him nailing it. In case you’re unaware, “Dog Boots” is one of Virgil Donati’s signature tunes with Planet X in which he plays inverted double strokes with his feet.

For those dying to know, Libor’s playing the Pearl Demon Drive with very light spring tension. I sat down at his kit the other day and couldn’t believe how light the tension was. How he’s doing continuous doubles like that is beyond me!

I’m actually hard at work helping Libor write his first instructional book. It’s really amazing and unique stuff. More details and the release date will be posted here when available.

Libor’s Independence Exercises


Here are some neat independence ideas from Libor Hadrava of Axiom Music School.

  1. Table of Time: Changing subdivisions with the hands over a 3/16 pattern with the feet.
  2. Table of Time – Paradiddles: Same as above but overlaying the paradiddle pattern with the hands
  3. Independence Plus Counting: Feet play RLRR LRLL, hands play RRR LLL, count aloud a third grouping!

Musing on “Muzak”


Check out my buddy Libor Hadrava of Axiom Music School playing around with some “Sound of Muzak” ideas.

Click here to see Gavin Harrison’s live version that inspired it.

Mike Mangini Clinic 04.09.10


Axiom Mangini flyerI haven’t seen Mike Mangini since I graduated Berklee in 2005, so I was very excited to see what he’s developed in the last five years. I was sure he, unlike me, had added a truckload of new tricks and concepts to his arsenal.

A big reason why Mike is often derided by YouTube baboons for not being “musical” is that his abilities are impressive on both a very technical and cerebral level. What often sounds like drums falling down stairs is actually something that is conceptually nothing short of astounding. So, I thought it was unfortunate that Mike had to issue a disclaimer before sitting down at the kit, stating that not everything he would be playing would be “musical”, comparing clinic drumming to a slam dunk contest, etc. The internet nonsense had already begun back when I was studying with him, but it was evident in Mike’s demeanor that it’s a worsening distraction that gnaws at him at least enough to now warrant a verbal disclaimer before taking the stage.

I’m of the opinion that if people can’t understand or appreciate what he’s doing, then, well… so what? The disclaimer should be “I’m about to blow your freaking mind. If you can’t understand what’s going on up here, I will explain. If you’re just going to right nanny-nanny-boo-boo things about me in 3rd-grade English on the Internet anyway, eat a turd and leave—in either order.” But then again, I’m not an internationally-known drum superstar with endorsements and fans that are legion…

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