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Steve Holmes and Altered: “Scattered”


Hiromi The Trio Project: “Alive”


Peter Erskine – Playing Brushes With All Styles Of Music


Broken 8th-Note Feel with Skip Hadden


Gavin Harrison Swings It!


Everything Peter Erskine Knows—on 2 DVDs!


Super sweet…



Me and Mike Richardson screwing around a couple months ago. As he did in JCO, Mike still loves throwing out his takes on random pop, funk, and jazz tunes.

Esperanza Spalding Wins a Grammy



Subtitle: Esperanza Spalding Once Slummed it with the Likes of Me

Congrats to Esperanza Spalding, the virtuoso jazz bassist/vocalist extraordinaire who won the Grammy for Best New Artist last night. Not only is it amazing that an actual talented musician won this award (go figure!), but she beat the presumable shoo-in Justin Bieber. (And well done, Bieberites, channeling all your negative energy through your vapid, tween hive mind and trying to cast a pall over the event.)

Esperanza and I played a couple forgettable, low-profile recitals together at Berklee. Who would have guessed back then that she would go on to be world-famous, and that I would be… administering this website? Uh, everyone, actually. We all knew she was destined for greatness.

Congratulations, Esperanza!

Jon Hazilla – Brush Control


Jon Hazilla is an incredible player and a terrific teacher, and I was very fortunate to study with him at Berklee. Of the dozens of labs I took, his brush labs were among my favorites.

Check out this video of Jon tearin’ it up with Ron Mahdi and Consuelo Candelaria-Barry:

Seeing this again reminds me that I have a ton of brush material from my old site to get up on here… (Jeez, man, c’mon already!)

Omar Hakim


The first time I heard Omar Hakim was on the Burning for Buddy tribute. I was 15 then, and “Slow Funk” remains one of my favorite tracks on that album. Beyond technical ability and “groove”, there’s just a certain energy to Omar’s playing that I’ve always really liked.

These aren’t necessarily the best clips of Omar out there, just a few I hadn’t seen before and found enjoyable.

With Sting:

Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Stanley Clarke, and Omar Hakim with “Footprints” in 1991, Montreax:

Omar Hakim in Weather Report – “Where the Moon Goes”

Omar Hakim with Bobby McFerrin (too bad Richard Bona doesn’t get in on the action in this clip):

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