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Sonny Emory – Linear Concepts & Flamercises


PAS International Drum Rudiments


The Pataflafla Rules

The Percussive Arts Society has a redesigned website and has revamped the PAS International Drum Rudiments. View them online, download them, listen to them. Oh, and make sure to practice them!

PAS International Drum Rudiments

Percussionist humor that is painfully true


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Reflections on Veterans Day


In honor of Veterans Day, an article on military bands:

“Music, Culture, and Society (Or Why You Shouldn’t Cut Military Bands)”

Psychology Today author Kimberly Sena Moore writes, “The intersection of music and military service has a rich history.” Our ilk were especially necessary: “Drummers were also involved, using their beats to help companies march in time for many hours and for long days.”

Moore’s article is in response to a Washington Post article by Walter Pincus titled “Vast number of military bands may not be music to Gates’s ears”. It should come as no surprise in a time of necessary cost-cutting that many who look at limiting the dollars going to the military-industrial complex look first to seemingly unnecessary, ancillary enclaves like military bands. It’s not so different than middle and high schools across the country. Music programs seem to have a permanent spot in queue for the budget guillotine.


The 2000 USMC D&B bass line @ DCI

Both authors make valid points. Pincus’ article is certainly logical from a cost analysis perspective. (Even I didn’t know there were so many military bands.) Moore’s article is more…uh, psychological, obviously. The last thing I want to do is launch a political screed about so-called “fiscal responsibility” on a drumming blog, so rather than get into the particulars of economics and government spending I’ll just relate my personal experience in this specific area.

I spent four years in the Marine Corps: about 2.5 in the infantry, the remainder in the Commandant’s Own Marine Drum & Bugle Corps. This was in a period of comparatively little conflict in which the US was involved: 1997 to mid-2001.

Review » OffWorld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad

OffWorld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad

OffWorld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad

Manufacturer: OffWorld Percussion
Product: Invader V3 Practice Pad
DD Rating: dd_ratingdd_ratingdd_ratingdd_ratingdd_rating

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to practice pads. I spend a lot of time chopping out in front of the TV or when just sitting around in my rare bits of free time, so I like to have at least one stationed in every room of the house. Just kidding… But I have accumulated a lot of pads over the years. Gum rubber, foam rubber, MoonGel, homemade, etc. This one is my new favorite by far.

Read the review…

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