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Alex Rudinger, The Faceless: “Xenochrist”


Travis Orbin – ‘Projects’ EP


Virgil Donati Band Live in Atlanta


Matt Garstka: Vic Firth Performance Spotlight


Have I mentioned the latest Animals as Leaders album is great? I haven’t? The latest Animals as Leaders album is great.

Travis Orbin – Cyclamen: “Shimbu-Fusatsu”


Cool semi-POV camera angle on this one.

Virgil Donati ‘In This Life’ Mini Doc


Get the album here.

Double Bass Triggers Are Cheating!


I mean, if this guy didn’t have triggers (and Axis pedals), he’d only be able to play, like, 1430bpm. <Scoff>

Tomas Haake Drum Cam


My friend: Why would you want a 20-in China?
Me: “Do Not Look Down”. I mean, see below.

Troy Wright Periphery Lesson – “Icarus Lives”


I’ve been listening to a lot of Periphery lately. Troy has some excellent lessons, and this one is no exception.

And now Libor Hadrava can play “Dog Boots”…


Yeah, I think Libor can play just about anything he sets his mind to. Last week, he told me, “I’m going to play ‘Dog Boots’.” The video below shows him nailing it. In case you’re unaware, “Dog Boots” is one of Virgil Donati’s signature tunes with Planet X in which he plays inverted double strokes with his feet.

For those dying to know, Libor’s playing the Pearl Demon Drive with very light spring tension. I sat down at his kit the other day and couldn’t believe how light the tension was. How he’s doing continuous doubles like that is beyond me!

I’m actually hard at work helping Libor write his first instructional book. It’s really amazing and unique stuff. More details and the release date will be posted here when available.

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