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Review » Tales from the Cymbal Bag


Tales from the Cymbal Bag
Book: Tales from the Cymbal Bag
Author: Lennie Dimuzio with Jim Coffin
Publisher: Jump Back Baby
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Need to drop a hint for a holiday gift? Here ya go! This is a very entertaining chronicle of drumming’s most revolutionary periods. It’s a terrific book if for the pictures alone.

Tales from the Cymbal Bag is the biography of Lennie Dimuzio, Zildjian’s Artist Relations director for decades. A quote from Zildjian says it best: “There’s a little bit of Lennie DiMuzio in almost every great drummer’s sound.” The book begins at the beginning, with trailblazers like Chick Webb, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, and Papa Jo Jones. (Great stories on all, but the ones of Papa visiting the Zildjian factory are priceless.) It progresses through the rise of rock drummers and the necessary invention of Zildjian A cymbals, on to the rise of the phenom fusion guys and the invention of Steve Gadd’s signature sound—the Zildjian K line. (The development of the modern recreation of the K Constantinople sound for Bill Stewart is another great anecdote.) I particularly love the period of the ’80s and ’90s, which was when the explosion of super drummers and big-time endorsements really had its heyday. There are many pictures and stories involving the giants of that period like Weckl, Gadd, Vinnie, and other monsters on the Zildjian endorser roster.

I think the book is especially interesting for those who grew up drumming pre-2000, before the age of every jackass thinking he’s a drum god on YouTube. It seems to me that either because of or in conjunction with Web 2.0 we’ve lost much of that legitimate hero worship that made the Gadds, Vinnies, and Weckls exalted superstars. There doesn’t seem to be as strong a sense of history anymore. Few up-and-comers see further back than Travis Barker and Joey Jordison—and I don’t say this as a slight to those two. I’m sure many big band drummers said the same of the mid-20th century modern jazz drummers, who said the same of rock and fusion drummers, and so on. Certainly a topic for another post… It’s not just nostalgia that makes Tales from the Cymbal Bag enjoyable, but the sense of honoring what came before.

In addition to the who’s-who stories and photos, there are also many great tales that have nothing to do with drumming but with business and tomfoolery. I have on good authority that some of the recollections aren’t entirely accurate, Lennie’s defection to Sabian is pretty well glossed over, and much of the real shenanigans have been toned down, but this could only be known by true insiders and won’t affect in the least the entertainment of the general drumming public. Regardless, Tales from the Cymbal Bag is a fascinating personal account of drumming’s most important eras, periods with fundamental importance that we are unlikely to ever see again.

New Book: <em>A Drummer’s Perspective</em>


A Drummer's Perspective
I was asked by author/photographer Dave Phillips to write a post announcing his new book A Drummer’s Perspective. Dave was the head of European Artist Relations for both Pearl Drums and Drum Workshop, and he started his own company, A & R Marketing Limited. I haven’t seen the physical book just yet, but the few photos available on the website look incredible. A Drummer’s Perspective would sure make for a great surprise under the tree this year—not that I’m fishing for gifts…!

Here’s the official press release:


Press Release – 17th November 2010

New book launched ‘A Drummer’s Perspective’

A stunning collection of live action drumming photos

A Drummer’s Perspective is an original and unrivaled collection of over 200 photographs celebrating the world of drumming.

This large format book brings together some of the finest unseen photographs of legendary drummers. It is a unique collection of pictures taken by the author David Phillips, who has been given rare access on stage and behind the scenes to many of the biggest bands in the world.

These images capture the raw emotion and sheer excitement of playing live: You’ll be able to see the view from behind the kit on stage in front of tens of thousands of people, get up close to the action at sound checks and see exceptional shots of some of the most amazing rock concerts and festivals.

The book features over one hundred drumming legends from every type of genre and includes new photos of Dave Grohl, Joey Jordison, Zak Starkey, Ginger Baker, Dominic Howard, Neil Peart, Nicko McBrain, Mitch Mitchell, Roger Taylor, Dennis Chambers, Mike Portnoy, Nick Mason, Alex Acuña, Dave Weckl, Josh Freese, Chad Smith, Joey Castillo, Thomas Lang and this list goes on and on!

Renowned drummer, Terry Bozzio has written the foreword. Each picture is accompanied with details of where and when it was taken, recollections and anecdotes from the author, together with tour memorabilia such as backstage and photo passes.

The powerful images and text give a fascinating insight to drummers, their playing and their world. This coffee table book retails for £29.99 and can be purchased exclusively from . It will go on sale from December 6th 2010 and pre-orders can be placed via the website before this to reserve your copy in time for Christmas.

The Triumvirate


This is one of my all-time favorite clips: Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Steve Gadd at the Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert on October 14, 1989.

I love the playing of all three of these titans for different reasons, but check out Vinnie’s especially nasty chops at 7:03.

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