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2015: Update, Reboot, or Dump


Yes, this joint has been a mess for a good long while. The reasons are bountiful, and they range from “good” to mostly “poor”. A complete revamp has been in the cards for years, and I want 2015 to be the successful restart, but I make no promises. So, for now, I will continue to at least post others’ videos as proof of life for the 2 people in Uzbekistan who continue to check in on this thing with decreasing interest and regularity.

When I first created DD and published content to a very modest HTML website back in the mid 1990s, there were not many sites like it. I’m not claiming it was good, just uncommon. Embedded videos were nonexistent, and my handful of poor-quality WAVs and MP3s was fairly unique. What I had was CHARTS. The early ones were literally drawn in Paint Shop Pro. Then I got Cakewalk! Getting my hands on Finale in 2002 and Photoshop soon thereafter changed everything. Lots of charts and mini-lessons were made.

“That’s great that you’re yammering on about your amazing charts. Where the **** are they?”

I neglected this site for quite a stretch while I was in school because I was busy… well, drumming all the time. When I finally came back to it, HTML and Flash websites were DEAD. I breathed what life I could into it, and then I threw up a quick WordPress site as a placeholder while I developed new content and converted old content. The longer it took, the more buried I felt by the tech and talent surrounding me in the virtual marketplace. All the while, YouTube both improved and ruined everything. Technology got so cheap and easy to use that now everyone who even casually picks up a pair of drumsticks posts high-definition videos with studio-quality sound. On top of that, everyone sharing all these over-the-moon videos has led to the education and proliferation of MONSTER drummers. Crazy chops are now as ubiquitous as HD. Just in the past handful of years came this onslaught of “djent”, and now everyone’s playing along to Periphery and Animals As Leaders as if they were Syncopation. So, my relaunch isn’t just a website redesign, it’s become an onerous reason to invest in equipment and get really good (which I spent 5 years and a fortune doing at Berklee).

This is how 2015 begins for The Drummer’s Dominion. Something will happen with this site this year. When? As soon as I figure out how to do more with less. In the meantime, let’s go play some drooms for the fun and the art, not for views and likes and shares.

Bees Deluxe “Trouble in Paradise” Now Available!


Featuring all original tunes – with Jon Gamble on keyboards, Joe McEachern on bass, and Patrick Sanders on drums.
Download from Amazon
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Get the physical CD from

New Bees Deluxe Album En Route! We Need Cash!


Please contribute here.

In-depth Rhythm Studies Now Available!


In-depth Rhythm StudiesA belated Happy New Year!

Yes, there have been delays, but In-depth Rhythm Studies: Advanced Metronome Functions is now available! As I mentioned previously, IDRS is Libor Hadrava’s first instructional book. I collaborated in the writing and did all the graphics, design, and layout. We’re very proud of it.

Libor recently showed the book off at NAMM 2013 and even got Virgil Donati to take a copy!

The hard copy version is available directly through Libor’s site. It’s a beautiful full-color print on heavy semi-gloss paper, and it’s spiral-bound—perfect for music stands. A digital download version will be available soon.

Click here to buy!

Libor Hadrava’s In-depth Rhythm Studies Coming Soon!


Yes, it’s been a wide gap between posts. But for good reason. I had mentioned that I’ve been collaborating with Libor Hadrava on his first instructional book. We’re putting the finishing touches on it, and it will be available direct through his site within weeks.

The book, titled In-depth Rhythm Studies: Advanced Metronome Functions, contains a set of inexhaustible exercises to strengthen both the inner clock and five-way independence. This is really challenging stuff, but it has practical application way beyond just helping you become the next look-what-I-can-do YouTube monkey!

Libor is a mad scientist and is tremendously talented. I am honored to have been a part of the writing process and to have added what meager contributions I could offer.

Check back here and Libor’s website for the official release.

Bees Deluxe: “Rooster Shoes” Video


Bruce Mattson – Hammond B3
Conrad Warre – Stratocaster
Patrick Sanders – Drums and COWBELL

Bees Deluxe CD Release, 05.06.12


Bees Deluxe

Drum Channel’s Air Drumming Competition


Press Release – 14th April 2011

Drum Channel’s Air Drumming Competition

Drum Channel has teamed up with Ari Gold, director and star of the premier film about Air Drumming Adventures of Power, to bring you the most amazing Air Drumming Competition ever – Power’s Air Drum Battle, where your Air Drumming talents could win you incredible prizes.

Adventures of Power is the movie that brings you more than just a rock ‘n’ roll adventure, it is an epic story of Air Drumming and has been released on DVD for the first time. Together, Drum Channel and Ari Gold Films bring you the chance to win a world class PDP X7 drumset complete with Sabian Cymbals worth over $2700.00!

Neil Peart, who cameos in the film, Lars Ulrich, and Chad Smith, were all Air Drummers before they were drummers – are you?  Film yourself Air Drumming, upload your video to YouTube by following the instructions at, and like Neil Peart says, “March to the beat of your own drum – even if you don’t have one.”

You will be able to upload entries and vote for your favorites until May 18, 2011. On June 9, 2011, the Top 10 Air Drummer Finalists will be judged by pro drummers including Todd Sucherman (STYX), Claude Coleman (Ween), Chad Szeliga (Breaking Benjamin), and judges on Drum Channel’s DC LIVE video broadcast.

The Grand Prize: A PDP X7 drumset complete with DW hardware and Sabian Cymbals, worth $2740.

All Top 10 Finalists will receive:

1) One year’s subscription to Drum Channel’s Master Classes and Shows worth $100

2) Signed copy of Adventures of Power DVD featuring an interview and drum-off with Neil Peart

3) Signed original motion picture soundtrack

4) Signed costume from the movie and of course a world famous sweatband!

Be sure to enter early, because the first 100 Air Drummer entries will receive online access to the Your First Drum Lesson DVD from Drum Channel, worth $24.95.

To find out more visit:

Drum Channel DVDs and the ‘Adventures of Power’ are available online at

Happy New Year 2011!


I have high hopes for all manner of things for 2011, not the least of which is the Drummer’s Dominion. I pledge to you, my entire readership composed of 4 middle-aged men in Slovakia, that much more original content (i.e. lessons and such) will be posted on the Dominion in 2011.

(As will YouTube embeds used as filler ;-))

Drum Channel Returns


Press Release – 21st December 2010

Drum Channel Is Back with the Best Drummers in the World

Drum Channel is back, bigger and better than ever. The new look Drum Channel website has been completely redesigned with improved navigation and video streaming, together with a host of new features and sections.

At the heart of Drum Channel are the best drummers in the world, helping you have fun learning and sharing their tips & techniques. Drum Channel brings you exclusive and original content providing rare access to drumming legends. Our master classes and drumming lessons give you a special opportunity to learn from the masters with lessons from our drum faculty featuring Gregg Bissonette, Colin Bailey, Stephen Perkins, Chad Smith, Terry Bozzio, Peter Erskine, Neil Peart, Alex Acuna, Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey and others.
Drum Channel
The launch of the new website comes with a fantastic subscription offer. Use the coupon code VIP.PASS and get $10 discount off the Drum Channel Shows regular twelve month subscription price of $29.95, taking it to $19.95 or just $1.70 per month. Subscribe to the Drum Channel shows and you will also have access to the extensive library of DC shows and future shows plus members are eligible for discount at the Drum Channel store.

The new website features a host of exciting new content as well as huge back catalogue of shows, lessons and masterclasses. New shows already on-line include Jimmy Chamberlain discussing playing rock, Steve Smith playing with his Raga Bop Trio and Mike Clark talking about the Art of Drumming. Drum Channel will be uploading new content every week and the schedule of new shows and features over the next few months is truly phenomenal, so keep checking back on for news on what’s coming up!

Drum Channel offers hours of artist interviews, roundtable discussions, band concerts, drum jams, interactive live stream events, behind the scenes footage, contests and more. With  “Master Classes” from the best of the best drummers in the world and “Drum Lessons” from the best educators in the world, Drum Channel will not only inspire you to be a better player it will entertain you in the process.

For further Information contact :
Drum Channel, LLC.
900 Del Norte Blvd.
Oxnard, CA 93030
Ph: 866-439-7924 ext. 347

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