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It’s hard to be a drummer-in-training, because there are very few apartments that are soundproof enough to practice in. (Where do good drummers really come from?)
     —Frank Zappa

Who’s behind this mess?

Proceed with caution: Heavy blathering, irreverance, and statistical density within.

Proceed with caution: Heavy blathering, irreverance, and statistical density within.

I began my studies in drumming somewhere around 1989. My musical roots are nothing out of the ordinary. Growing up in Illinois, I went through the standard school band programs, I was in a prog rock garage band—blah, blah… I was very fortunate, however, to study privately during junior high and high school with Frank Hensler, whom I accredit with teaching me volumes on the fundamental nuances in the art of drumming. I went from treating drumming as a hobby to developing my art through constant practice and the guidance of Frank.

I decided, though, to put my drumming on hold and follow a childhood dream, entering the Marine Corps in July of ’97 and spending the next 2+ years in the infantry. Music and a practice pad helped keep me sane, and I discovered a desire to pursue music professionally. By dumb luck and coincidence, I was able to audition for the Commandant’s Own, United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps. With absolutely no prior marching or drum corps experience, I practiced my tail off and marched as a member of the bass line in 2000, performing in hundreds of shows all over the country (including DCI Championships), and an overseas tour of Italy, Kuwait, Oman, and Germany. I jubilantly separated from the Marine Corps in July 2001.

I moved back home to Illinois and readied my application to Berklee College of Music. I spent about a year practicing, studying music theory, and working at The Drum Pad with Victor Salazar, now of Vic’s Drum Shop.

I started at Berklee in the summer of 2002. It was a tremendously rewarding and challenging (and stoopidly expensive!) experience. I studied with some amazing instructors and learned a lifetime’s material in a very compressed period of time. I graduated with degrees in both Performance and Music Business in December 2005.

I now live in the Boston area, playing whatever and with whomever I can. It’s not a full-time job, but that’s probably why it’s still fun…!

Patrick Sanders

I hate this smug crap, but if you really want to know (in roughly chronological order):

Studied with Played with
Frank Hensler*
Mike Manigini*
John Ramsay
Rick Considine*
Casey Scheuerell*
Dave DiCenso*
Jon Hazilla
Bob Kaufman
Jamey Haddad
Eguie Castrillo
Victor Mendoza*
Skip Hadden
Kim Plainfield
Steve Wilkes
Bob Tamagni

* private instruction

USMC Drum & Bugle Corps
Nominis Umbra
Ashley Farrell
Leona Chan
Esperanza Spalding
Craig Ferguson
Andres Ponciano
Tuffus Zimbabwe
Chip Johnson
April Thomas
A Shade of Difference
De Fenestra
Next Move
Bees Deluxe

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